Facade Cleaning / Conservation

The facade cleaning is performed through a pressurized system, using specific washing techniques (sandblasting, laser, steam, water, micro projection) which allows to recover the initial appearance of the surface, completely transforming it. We execute facade, plaster and masonry cleaning through non-destructive methods (MND).

The facade conservation is made based on specific products to protect all types of surfaces, porous or non-porous. The application of the protector can be made by roller, brush or using compressed air, on the properly cleaned and dry surface. This protection creates a waterproof, colorless film, which after its application does not alter the natural state of the surface.

Application methods:

– Water jet cleaning with controlled temperature and pressure;

– Water and inert material (or only inert material like silica flour, vegetables grit or glass beards) projection cleaning;

– Cleaning by micro projection of water or inert;

– Laser and steam.

Conservation services:

– Masonry and plaster repair;

– Surface painting;

– Posters removal;

Other cleaning services:

In gutters, roofs, buildings facades, industrial warehouses, pavements, pedestrian crossings, MSW pipes, solar and photovoltaic panels, etc.

We have the following MAINTENANCE services contracted and for individuals (condominiums, companies, amongst others):

– Exterior facades maintenance;

– Graffiti Removal and Anti-Graffiti Service Providing Maintenance;

– Solar panels maintenance;